Danangie Beekeeping Industry is a family company devoted to beekeeping activities in general. In 1991, we began our business with only 400 hives, producing single-flower honey and pollen from eucalyptus.
In 1995, we established our company in our registered office with the installation of a standard honey extraction room and a storehouse. Year by year our establishment is changed and adapted to the needs and demands of our continuously developing activity.
With the acquisition of a modern homogenization facility and a laboratory in 2005 we managed to obtain a 100 % safe product which opened us the doors to new international markets.
B y acquiring a new establishment named “DON FELIX” (very close to the original facilities) and installing a new and more modern extraction room with large facilities for the personnel and three independant lines of work (30,000 kilos of honey every 8 hours of work) to cover the extractions of our 12,000 beehives, the working areas were made independant in February 2007.
In 1997, our first eucalyptus plantation was acquired and with it the forestry division was created. Today, we have more than 1,600 planted hectares suplying our sawmill and our beekeeping material factory.
The quality, practicity and final product of our beekeeping materials, as well as our post selling services are chosen by the 30 % of the argentine beekeepers






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